Young Adults Get Ready to Win with a Work-Based Learning

A young woman dressed in business casual clothing holds work items in her arms.
Young, career-focused Upper Peninsula residents can gain valuable skills and experience through free programs with UP Michigan Works!

Upper Peninsula, MI—Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! (UPMW) wants to help young adults increase their employability by offering them a paid opportunity to learn and work in a real-world job through the Young Professionals program.

The Young Professionals program, a grant-funded initiative, enables UPMW to facilitate time-limited work-based learnings with local employers. Interested individuals can dive into a paid work experience that they can use to apply and develop academic, workplace, and technical skills.

Young adults benefit from our work-based learning program. Darren Widder, Policy and Programs Manager at UPMW, had this to say about past program participants: “Discovering what jobs are in-demand and how to get your foot in the door to be on the desired life trajectory is a challenge for many young adults. Our past Young Professionals were given the guidance, support, and skill-building opportunities to thrive during and after their program participation and left with feelings of preparedness for the next step in their workforce journey.”

UPMW is committed to providing valuable work experiences. Participants in this free program can explore their interests, determine their goals, and plan for their future. They will receive one-on-one, student-centered support from trained UPMW specialists, who will provide the necessary tools to fit their needs, ensuring a fun, safe, and successful work experience.

Eligible young adults must be 14 to 24 years of age and be interested in working and gaining valuable workplace skills. Eligibility and fit for this need-based program will be determined in a meeting with UPMW staff.

Contact your local UPMW office for more information about the Young Professionals program. We can be reached by phone (800-285-9675), email (, or text (906-629-1976).

For additional information about UP Michigan Works! job seeker services, please click this link.