Building the workforce of tomorrow today

UPward Talent Council Michigan Works!

Our Board is a business-led policy and oversight organization responsible for creating a comprehensive, community-wide response to the challenges of building a highly skilled workforce and a competitive regional economy. As a convener of community leaders and stakeholders, our board engages in an ongoing strategic planning process to identify strategies, actions and measurements that will create and maintain a healthy and growing economy, equipped with a local workforce that has the knowledge and skills needed by business in a technological and competitive marketplace. The result will be to draw from a vibrant pool of skilled workers enabling business and industry to thrive year-round. In turn, this business vitality creates the potential for higher paying jobs; thus improving the overall regional economy.



UPward Talent Council promotes and addresses the needs of businesses for current and future work-ready talent,  in support of a strong and resilient economy.


UPward Talent Council envisions a healthy, resilient and globally competitive regional economy,  with a workforce that has the knowledge and skills to strengthen and support business success.