Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! Partners with Regional Education Providers for MiLEAP

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U.P. Michigan Works! visited various educational institutions to solidify our partnerships and provide new services through MiLEAP

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich.—Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! staff members visited various educational institutions throughout the Upper Peninsula this fall to finalize formal agreements that will help U.P. residents transition from short-term education programs to high-wage employment through MiLEAP.

The Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program, or MiLEAP, aids those who are separated from employment, underemployed, essential workers, living in distressed communities, or are economically disadvantaged. Participants will receive competency-based assessments and learning plans that include credential attainment and contextual learning opportunities.

Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!, in conjunction with MiLEAP, is partnering with Upper Peninsula education institutions including Bay College, Gogebic Community College, Northern Michigan University, Lake Superior State University, Bay Mills Community College, Michigan Technological University, and the U.P. Area Health Education Center to bring services to U.P. residents. Recently, Amy Kraatz from U.P. Michigan Works! traveled to meet with each of these partners to review the applicable contracts, introduce them to Michigan Works! staff in their areas, and discuss next steps.

“We’re excited to be connecting with all these great schools in the Upper Peninsula,” said Amy Kraatz, MiLEAP Coordinator with Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! “With their expertise and our individualized services, we’ll get job seekers ready to win through MiLEAP.”

MiLEAP is a program created by the State of Michigan with federal funds to combat the negative effects COVID-19 has had on Michigan. The program will help over 4,500 job seekers over a three-year period. To implement this program, they have partnered with Michigan Works! agencies, community colleges, other institutions of higher learning, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Through meaningful partnerships, Michigan Works! will be helping individuals who are in need of work, considered essential workers, and living in distressed communities or are economically disadvantaged. Participants in the program will receive individualized help from Navigators who will provide assistance and help them remove barriers to employment. By leveraging their expertise, the Navigators will help the participants transition to gainful employment and long-lasting careers. MiLEAP is a tool that eligible Upper Peninsula residents can use to make impactful changes on their careers. This fall, U.P. Michigan Works! worked with educational institutions to create a network of high-quality partners for this program. With the mechanisms in place, U.P. Michigan Works! and its partners can help job seekers get ready to win. For more information about MiLEAP and how you can get involved, please call Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! at 1-800-285-WORK (9675).