Michigan Work Share Program

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Information for this blog post has been gathered from the State of Michigan’s Work Share page.

Have you heard about the State of Michigan’s Work Share Program?

As stated by the Michigan Dept. of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO), “Michigan’s Work Share program allows employers to restart their business and bring employees back from unemployment. Employers can bring employees back with reduced hours – while employees collect partial unemployment benefits to make up a portion of the lost wages. Employers can also retain their current workforce and are given the flexibility to choose which of their employees are part of a Work Share plan.”

If you are an owner or operator of a business in Michigan, the Work Share program may help you offset the costs which are keeping you from re-opening your business. According to LEO, “With the Work Share program, a worker receives a reduced salary from an employer, but is given a percent their state benefits plus the additional $600 federal benefit through July.”

Work Share helps employers re-open while keeping the costs of operation at a reasonable level in relation to current economic hardships.

If you are interested in learning more about the Work Share program, contact an Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! Employer Specialist. They are available to answer your questions and facilitate the re-opening of your business.