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Grow Your Team

Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! recruitment

Talent Recruitment

  • Job description review.
  • O*NET occupational website access.
  • Job postings on Pure Michigan Talent Connect.
  • Access to recruitment mediums including Talent Connect, social media outlets, and American Job Center postings.
  • Career fairs and hiring events.
  • Application and resume collection, screening and processing.
  • Candidate interview scheduling and coordinating.
Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! training


  • Application screening saves you time and money and functions like your own HR department.
  • A variety of assessments are available based on your company needs such as WorkKeys and Wonderlic that are currently used to assess aptitude for specific occupations. This service includes a minimal testing fee.
  • We can pre-screen applicants for eligibility for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit – typically veterans and low-income candidates.
  • Candidates may also qualify for On-the-Job Training support.
  • We also offer coordination of interview and assessment schedules.

Network and Community Resources

Referrals to a variety of partner service providers including:

  • Small Business Development Center
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Veteran Services
  • Offender Success
  • Training Providers
  • Apprenticeship Success Coordinator

Build Your Team

employer training two young apprentices

On-the-job Training

On-the-job training reimburses employers up to 50% of wages for new employees to help reduce costs associated with new hires and to teach new employees specific skills needed for their position.

The training plan ensures that all necessary job skills are covered for the employer and trainees. Duration of the training period varies depending on the job. Participants may also be eligible for additional supportive services.

Businesses can start the process by referring new hires to U.P. Michigan Works! for screening eligibility. Approved individuals are enrolled into the program. The Business Services Specialist will schedule a meeting to complete the On-the-Job Training Agreement with the business and the new hire.

manager training two young apprentices

Incumbent Worker Training

  • Develop your employees through Incumbent Worker Training (IWT). IWT upskills your current workforce and helps your organization get ready to win.
  • Goals of an IWT include:
    • Layoff Aversion
    • Skill Upgrades
    • Entering New Markets
    • Improve Market Competitiveness
    • New Machinery or Processes
    • New Technology
    • Product Diversification
  • Employers must meet the following requirements:
    • Must be willing to work with the U.P. Michigan Works! (UPMW) Business Services team, using various services provided at our American Job Centers.
    • Must be in operation for a minimum of one year prior to application date.
    • Must have at least five full-time employees.
    • Must provide a minimum 51% contribution to the training program. This contribution can be cash or non-cash goods and services such as: wages paid to the trainees during the training, equipment purchased to be used in the training, training materials and supplies, curriculum development, facility usage, and instructor or trainee travel expenses.   
    • Funds tied to incumbent worker training may be used to pay for direct training costs, such as tuition, speaker fees, training contracts, and more.
employer training three young apprentices

Work-based Learning

Host a work experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to an individual’s field of study or career interest. U.P. Michigan Works! is the employer of record and your organization serves as the training site to provide valuable experience, develop skills, and expand the talent pipeline in your industry.

An employer, or group of employers, under contract with UPMW must meet the following criteria:

  • Must not have relocated their business, or part of their business, from any location in the United States in the past 120 days which resulted in layoffs at the original location.
  • Must have operated in the Upper Peninsula region for at least 120 days prior.
  • Must offer wages, benefits, and working conditions to the work-based learning participant(s) that are equal to those provided to regular employees.
  • Must not have an unresolved labor dispute pending if a union is present or have any employees currently on layoff status regardless of union presence.
  • Cannot illegally discriminate in training or hiring practices because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or political beliefs or affiliations.
  • An employer who receives direct reimbursement payments (as opposed to paying a training provider on their behalf) must meet the following criteria:
  • Registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is current on all payments.
  • Have an account with the State of Michigan for Unemployment Insurance and current on all payments.
  • Carry workman’s compensation insurance and is current on all payments.
GPTF workers

Going PRO Talent Fund

The Going PRO Talent Fund is a competitive award available to employers to assist in training, developing, and retaining current or newly hired employees.

Awarded companies are eligible to be reimbursed for the cost of training for classroom training, on-the-job training, and registered apprentices. Training programs funded by the Talent Fund must be short-term and lead to an industry recognized credential. See Going PRO Talent Fund Fact Sheet for reimbursement amounts.

Talk with your business services specialist to assess your talent skill gaps and determine whether applying for the Going PRO Talent Fund is appropriate to help close those gaps.


Registered Apprenticeships

Registered apprenticeships are a proven model, allowing employers to create a customized training program that combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training under the supervision of a mentor. Recruit, train, and retain a highly-skilled and diverse workforce.

Provide our futur workforce the opportunity to earn while they learn, avoid or minimize tuition debt, and earn a portable, nationally-recognized credential in a flexible path to a great career.

Ask your business services specialist how to start a registered apprenticeship program today!