Career Change – A Success Story

Katie stands to the side of a customer's computer as she helps the customer navigate the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website.

This story is a continuation of the Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! Success Story series

Katie Leaym (pronounced lamb), a Delta County resident with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, was gainfully employed in 2019 by the Delta County Conservation District where she handled administrative duties and seasonal park activities. When the organization’s funds were constricted, Katie received the difficult news that she would be permanently laid off. Through the process of applying for unemployment benefits, Katie was referred to RESEA through Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! (UPMW). At UPMW Katie met Talent Specialist Jen Rogers, who quickly recognized Katie was struggling to find a new career that aligned with her experience and education.

Jen also recognized Katie’s eligibility and enrolled her in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act’s Dislocated Worker program. Jen’s experience as a case manager jump-started the process for Katie to find a new path. During this time, Katie and Jen explored options Katie had not previously considered. Katie was open to new opportunities.

UPMW routinely asks Talent Specialists like Jen to review and consider current clients as potential matches for internal openings. Just such an opportunity presented itself, and Jen referred Katie to interview for a Talent Specialist opening in the Delta County American Job Center.  Because of the working relationship between the two, Jen made a recommendation to HR. During the interview, Katie’s cheerful personality, soft skills, and education showed through, and Katie landed the job! Today, Katie is in training to become an experienced case manager, just like Jen. UPMW is proud to have Katie on the team!

If you would like additional information about Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! programs and services, please visit an American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula.