Life Changer – A Success Story

David stands in front of a Midwest Truck Driving School sign with a certificate in his hand, standing between two other men.

He said he never would have been able to obtain his CDL A and a full-time job if it had not been for the help of Michigan Works! David is a grateful participant, happy that he can now help support his family.

Career Change – A Success Story

Katie stands to the side of a customer's computer as she helps the customer navigate the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website.

With the endorsement from her case manager, Katie applied, interviewed, and was hired to join the Delta County office of Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

A Nurse and A Mother – A Success Story

Nichole stands in front of a blank wall wearing gray scrubs, a stethoscope, and a badge.

After learning about Nichole’s barriers, Michigan Works! helped pay for Nichole’s car insurance, a new windshield for her car, three months of mileage reimbursement, and new clothes for work and training.

New U.P. wide campaign urges the unemployed to get back to work.

Over 1,000 jobs available. Businesses at risk of closing doors. UPPER PENINSULA, MICHIGAN (September 8, 2020) — Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! announced today a region-wide awareness campaign aimed at filling over 1,000 jobs in the region. The decision to run this campaign came after hearing from a large number of U.P. employers who struggle to […]

How to Certify Weeks During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Unemployment Insurance Agency has the following message for those looking to certify weeks for their Unemployment claim: “Workers who need to certify their claims should avoid doing so on Monday and instead certify later in the week during off-peak hours. The day of the week you certify doesn’t impact benefit amounts and by spreading out the […]

Supporting U.P. Businesses During the Lockdown

During the lockdown, it’s important that we support one another. That includes businesses. We’re all going through tough times, and so is the baker, the tailor, the mason, the carpenter, the accountant, and more. Without revenue, these businesses may shut down – some of them, forever. Now is the time we have to be charitable […]

UIA Extends Call Center Hours, Adds Staff to Better Serve Customers

Upper Peninsula Michigan Unemployment Insurance Assistance

This article is from The link to the original article is here. Contact: Jason Moon 517-282-0041 The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) is adding staff and hours to better serve an unprecedented increase in customers filing unemployment claims as a result of COVID-19. The UIA has extended call center hours by an hour every day 8 a.m. – […]

COVID-19 Exposure Chart

If you think you or one of your close contacts have been exposed to COVID-19, please refer to the chart below to determine your course of action. This chart has been provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. For assistance filing an Unemployment claim due to COVID-19, please call Michigan Works! at 1-800-285-WORKS (9675).

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Guidance

Unemployment Insurance guidance

During the COVID-19 crisis, Michiganders are encouraged to file for Michigan Unemployment Insurance if their jobs have been affected by the pandemic. The filing process may seem daunting, but we are going to provide prospective claimants with guidance that may ease the anxiety and troubles they are encountering during these unsure times. MiWAM Toolkit for Claimants At this […]

Unemployment Insurance Agency Update 3/30/2020

Unemployment Insurance update

Information courtesy of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. Unemployment Benefits Increased and Expanded Governor Whitmer today has announced new programs for workers affected by COVID-19. The governor, under the federal CARES Act, signed an agreement between Michigan and the U.S. Dept. of Labor to implement Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Compensation programs that grant […]