Wendy got ready to win.

wendy launches a new career

Wendy launches a new career in health care through Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

Wendy connected with Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! (UPMW) through a Rapid Response meeting for displaced Shopko employees. Wendy was a Retail Manager for Shopko when the company filed for bankruptcy and closed all their stores in the Upper Peninsula. Wendy was uncertain what to do in her career.

Wendy spent time at her local Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! to work with staff  to find out more about the programs that Michigan Works! has available for dislocated workers. Wendy learned about the WIOA program (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Dislocated Worker Program), and came in the very next day to sign up for WIOA.

Initially, Wendy wanted to go to school to become a Veterinarian Technologist, but the Veterinarian office was unable to provide her with an externship there. In search of a new direction, Wendy and UPMW developed a list things she could do and the pros and cons of each. Upon reviewing the information and learning about Wendy’s skillsets, UPMW informed Wendy that her local hospital was expanding and needed full-time workers for billing, medical office administration, admitting, and nursing, as well as other positions. Armed with this great information, and seeing a true opportunity for her future, Wendy decided to take the Healthcare Administration Professional course through MedCerts. 

While she was taking MedCerts program, a position for a full-time Admitting Clerk came open at the hospital.  Wendy was interested, so UPMW helped her apply.  Wendy participated in two interviews and was hired on full-time! Her employer was impressed that she was taking the course through MedCerts and was looking to possibly promote her once she was officially done with the course.  Wendy, grateful for the assistance Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! provided to her, is now on her way to a new career in the health field.