Apprenticeships Add Value to the Upper Peninsula Workforce

A man and a younger man work in an industrial setting.

Get ready to win with programs and services through Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a program created to train new practitioners of a trade or profession through paid on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. This training takes place under the careful supervision of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals. Apprentices – after receiving this impactful training – earn industry-recognized credentials granted through the U.S. Department of Labor. The credentials are nationally recognized and easily transferrable between companies.

Apprenticeships are valuable to employers and job seekers. That is why U.P. Michigan Works! is dedicating time and resources to create a solid, sustainable pipeline that will benefit the Upper Peninsula’s economy for years to come. Read on for more information about the benefits both employers and job seekers reap from a successful apprenticeship program.

The benefits to employers


  • increase retention and job seeker interest
  • stop the exodus of young talent from Upper Michigan
  • increase productivity and the skill level of employees
  • lower the cost of recruitment
  • create a replicable training program that meets the needs of the organization
  • increase diversity in the organization

The benefits to job seekers


  • reduce the burden of debt
  • allow you to earn while you learn
  • lead to higher wages with skill increases
  • improve skills and competencies
  • provide portable skills and certifications

U.P. Michigan Works! is pulling out all the stops to bring apprenticeships to life in the Upper Peninsula. They have partnered with CareerWise USA, experts in youth apprenticeships, to create eye-catching marketing materials and a virtual matchmaking platform that both employers and job seekers will find useful. Learn more about the CareerWise platform – and youth apprenticeships – by visiting the CareerWiseUP website.

Call Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! for more information about creating or sustaining an apprenticeship program and how you can locate or apply to existing programs. You can reach our offices in the U.P. by calling 800-285-9675.

Learn more about our programs and services by visiting our Job Seekers page.