Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! Unveils its Clean Slate UP Program

A social graphic for the Clean Slate UP program that has a man and woman bumping fists. Lean more at upmichiganworks.org/cleanslateup.

Job seekers can get prior convictions expunged from their record with help from U.P. Michigan Works!

UPPER PENINSULA, MI—Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! invites job seekers with prior convictions to take part in the Clean Slate UP program, a tool that can lead to access to better jobs, housing, and educational opportunities.

U.P. Michigan Works! staff members, known as Navigators, will help you through the process of getting your conviction expunged if you are eligible. To start the expungement process, visit UPMichiganWorks.org/CleanSlateUP and complete the short online registration form.

“It is exciting to be a part of a new initiative that positively impacts opportunities for people in the U.P.,” said Darren Widder, Policy and Programs Manager with U.P. Michigan Works! “A Clean Slate Navigator will not only assist with the expungement process but can also ensure a participant is connected with the right resources to remove barriers and make progress toward career and educational goals.”

Is your conviction preventing you from finding a job or starting a career? The Clean Slate law makes it possible for more people to petition for an expungement. As a result, you can legally state that you have never been convicted or arrested for that crime on job, school, or housing applications. This can help you find full-time employment and create financial stability for you and your family.

Clean Slate UP will cover the bulk of expungement costs that have made it too expensive for people in the past. The client is responsible for fingerprints, a certified copy of each conviction requested for expungement, and a $50.00 money order, or cashier’s check, made payable to the “State of Michigan.”

If you have an interest in the Clean Slate UP Program and are looking for more information, call your local U.P.  Michigan Works! office at 1-800-285-9675 or visit the Clean Slate UP webpage at UPMichiganWorks.org/CleanSlateUP. If you are eligible, Navigators from Michigan Works! will help you through the expungement process and start you on the path to new opportunities in education, housing, and the workforce. Fill out the online registration form today to get ready to win.

Click this link for more information about job seeker services through Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!