U.P. Michigan Works! Submits Record-Breaking Funding Request through the Going PRO Talent Fund

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After completing the Going PRO Talent Fund application period, U.P. Michigan Works! submitted a request to the State for $1,412,877 in training dollars on behalf of U.P. businesses.

MICHIGAN – This December, Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! ended the 2021 Going PRO Talent Fund (GPTF) application period with more training dollars being requested than ever before.

Erika Justus, a Workforce Services Specialist with Upper Peninsula Michigan Works, announced on Friday that $1,412,887 training dollars had been requested by U.P. businesses and organizations. The amount includes applications from across the entire Upper Peninsula and overtakes the highest amount the U.P. has ever requested before.

“We certainly didn’t know what to expect with COVID…going into the FY21 award process. That being said, we had a record-breaking year,” emphasized Justus.

Now, the GPTF applications have to be reviewed and approved by the State of Michigan, the facilitator of the Going PRO initiative. If a request is approved, the applicant will be awarded training dollars which can be utilized for training and onboarding. Applicants will be notified in January if their requests for training dollars have been approved.

Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! is optimistic that this year sees a lot of approved requests for training funds. According to Justus, “We had many quality applications this year,” which she hopes will translate into awards.

The Talent Fund makes a positive impact on the Upper Peninsula, its businesses, and individuals. From 2014 to 2019, the GPTF has funded, on average, $1,062 in training for individuals according to the Labor and Economic Opportunity’s GPTF webpage. If you are interested in learning more about the Going PRO Talent Fund, please visit the State of Michigan’s website at this link

Click this link for more information about Michigan Works! employer services in the Upper Peninsula, including information regarding the Going PRO Talent Fund.

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