The Keys to the Road – A Success Story

A man shakes a woman's hand across a table.

Michael needed help with his resume and cover letter. He was unfamiliar with computers, so his wife, Jennifer, reached out to Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! for assistance.  

At the time, Michael had worked away from his family in Tomahawk, Wisconsin as an Environmental Waste Management Disposal and Recycling Laborer. He had been doing so for 19 years and was eager to gain employment closer to home. To do so, he needed his new resume and cover letter to be sharp and professional. That is where our involvement began. 

We helped Michael with his resume and cover letter, which he then sent to a local employer in the northwest Upper Peninsula. After reviewing his revamped application documents, the employer offered Michael a job. Excitedly, Michael accepted. 

Now, Michael is working in a job he is happy with, and he is also able to see his family. Through our professional services, Michigan Works! helped Michael, and his family, get ready to win! 

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