Second Chances – A Success Story

A person in a black shirt holds a piece of wood as they drill through it.

Timothy got ready to win when he came into Michigan Works! seeking help to obtain his builder’s license.  He had overwhelming barriers to employment, including health and legal issues. These barriers left him unable to get a job when he had a family to support.

Tim thought that if he were able to get his builder’s license, he could start his own construction company. Knowing his story and his barriers, we enrolled him in the WIOA Adult program and began working on his second chance.

We sent Tim to the Certified Training Institute where he took online classes towards his builder’s license.  While taking classes, Michigan Works! helped him obtain a job with a local employer as a carpenter.

After he finished his online courses, Michigan Works! paid for his licensure test through the State of Michigan. He failed the test the first time but passed it on his second attempt; he was able to obtain his builder’s license. Tim was now ready to start his business, so we sent him to the Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC), an organization that could help him develop his business plan.

Tim, through the help provided by Michigan Works! and the SBDC, was able to start his own business. He called it 2nd Chance Construction, LLC because Michigan Works! gave him a second chance.

He and his wife are grateful that Michigan Works! believed in him, sent him to school, and connected him with the SBDC, which he attributes to making an incredible impact on his life. Through determination and grit, Tim got ready to win.

For more information about job seeker services like the ones provided to Tim, please follow this link.