New Opportunities in the Wake of COVID – A Success Story

Medical equipment lays on a white surface with the word 'Success Story' overlayed.

The client’s name has been shortened to ‘K’ in this Success Story to protect their anonymity.

K was referred to Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) in September 2020 and attended orientation with Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! At the time, they were not interested in any programmatic assistance as they were not sure what their career goals were due to the pandemic. 

Three months later, they reached out to Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! (UPMW) to inquire about the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, Dislocated Worker (WIOA DW) program as they were preparing to enroll in Bay College. They received Pell Grants and Futures for Frontliners funding, but they were in need of assistance to pay for their books. UPMW staff assisted them in completing the WIOA DW enrollment paperwork, labor market research, budget planning, and creating an Individual Training Account (ITA), all of which were done virtually. 

Although Bay College’sRegistered Nurse (RN) program was not initially listed on the Michigan Training Connect, the Training Team at UPMW was able to work with the State of Michigan and Bay College to get the program added quickly, and K’s ITA was approved just in time for the Winter 2021 semester to begin. 

K began the RN program at Bay College on January 11, 2021. Although their schooling journey just restarted in January, Michigan Works! is excited to continue to work with them to complete training, find employment in the public health industry, and help them to become an employment success story. They anticipate completing their training in December 2021, at which time they will earn their RN degree. Throughout the process, K has been grateful for all of the assistance they received from UPMW staff. 

Job seeker services through Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! can be found at this link.