LeAnna’s New Resume – A Success Story

Hands are typing on a white keyboard.

LeAnna was having trouble finding work. She had physical limitations and a few periods of time with no work on her outdated resume. She visited the Luce County Michigan Works! office in Newberry seeking resume help. She had already dropped off her old resume at many businesses with no success. 

Luce County staff sought assistance from a resume specialist in the Chippewa County Michigan Works! office. The Chippewa County staff member worked with LeAnna to complete a “re-do” of her resume. This resulted in a high-quality, modern document that effectively showcased her skills.  

She excitedly made copies of her new creation and continued job searching. LeAnna emailed us the next day, saying, “The first place I showed my new resume to hired me on the spot. Thank you for your help!” We were glad that we could help LeAnna with her resume and are excited that, through our services, she got ready to win! 

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