Driving into a Brighter Future – A Success Story

Holly Desotell stands next to a car.

Times have been challenging for some employees, particularly those who have experienced periods of being unemployed or underemployed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Holly Desotell has been employed at Stewart Manufacturing for over 3 years, but sporadic plant shutdowns over the past several months created financial hardships she was not prepared for. Holly contacted the Lift UP Success Coach when she experienced her second accident – hitting a deer on her way to work.  Her employer is in a rural area and Holly worked 3rd shift, so in the U.P. this is not an uncommon occurrence. For Holly, this felt like the last straw.

The Success Coach worked with Holly to review her budget and expenses and was able to help with a past due utility bill. Her Coach also developed a plan to address her transportation situation, which was creating a barrier to continued employment. Due to the location of her employer and working 3rd shift, public transportation was not a workable choice. Holly worked with the Success Coach to get estimates of the value of her car and the repair costs involved, and together they determined the car was not worth the cost to repair it. She was able to continue to pay auto insurance payments but did not have adequate resources to obtain a reliable vehicle. The Success Coach, through BRN funding, was able to find and buy a reliable used vehicle through a local auto dealership. When Holly took ownership of the new vehicle, she was ecstatic.

When asked how Lift UP has impacted her life, Holly said, “This program has really helped me get my feet under me. Without the help they’ve given me, I don’t know where I would be.”

That is the intent of Lift UP – to help employees solve problems and stay employed. Holly is now driving into a brighter future and is Ready to Win at work!

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