2022 Manufacturing Week spotlights critical Michigan industry and its workers

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ICYMI: Gov. Whitmer issued proclamation declaring October 2-8 as Manufacturing Week in Michigan.

LANSING, Mich. — To celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the state’s manufacturing industry – which accounts for nearly 586,000 jobs and about $100 billion of total annual output – Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a proclamation declaring October 2-8, 2022, as Manufacturing Week in Michigan.

“Manufacturing is part of Michigan’s DNA. It helped us put the world on wheels, assemble the arsenal of democracy, and build the middle class, and it’s one of the main reasons we continue to play a key leadership role in the global economy,” said Governor Whitmer. “This week, we have an opportunity to celebrate the contributions the hundreds of thousands of workers and $100 billion manufacturing industry make in Michigan. Today, we have over 609,000 manufacturing jobs, and we are continuing to build on our statewide economic momentum by adding more, month after month, because of our bipartisan economic development efforts, strong workforce programs, and hardworking people and innovative companies. I will work with anyone and compete with everyone to keep manufacturing strong in Michigan, and I look forward to years of growth ahead.”

Michigan has long served as a national leader in manufacturing job creation, with those jobs significantly impacting the state’s economy. Michigan created nearly 121,000 new manufacturing jobs from 2009 to 2021 – an increase of 26.0% – thus remaining the national leader in manufacturing job creation and outpacing all other states.  

“Almost one out of every six non-farm jobs in Michigan are in the field of manufacturing,” said Stephanie Beckhorn, director of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity’s (LEO) Office of Employment and Training. “The manufacturing industry is critical to Michigan’s economic success, and there are many great opportunities for Michiganders interested in pursuing an in-demand career in this important, high-wage industry.” 

Michigan has been the heart and soul of manufacturing in the U.S. for decades. The state has diverse manufacturing sectors in automotive, metals, machinery, chemical product, food and beverage, computer and electronic, natural resource, furniture and many others.  

“We appreciate the Governor’s recognition for the impact that manufacturers have in the state. Generating over $100 billion a year, just imagine what our industry will do as we continue to connect talented Michiganders with the vacancies we have. When we do that, our economy will be really be running just like a fine-tuned engine,” said Mike Johnston, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and Workforce Solutions for the Michigan Manufacturers Association. 

Key Manufacturing Job Stats

Michigan’s resilient manufacturing industry has made a strong comeback since the first month of the pandemic, recovering 96.6% of jobs lost – 207,100 manufacturing jobs total – since March 2020, according to data from BLS.

  • February 2020: 616,700 manufacturing jobs
  • March 2020: 402,500 manufacturing jobs
  • That’s a loss of 214,200 manufacturing jobs
  • August 2022: 609,600 manufacturing jobs
  • Michigan has recovered 207,100, or 96.6%, of manufacturing jobs lost in March 2020

Resources for Careers in Manufacturing

There are many resources available to support Michiganders who are interested in exploring high-tech, high-skilled and well-paid career options in the manufacturing industry. This includes the state’s career exploration tool, Pathfinder (Pathfinder.MiTalent.org). Career seekers can also search for open manufacturing jobs on Pure Michigan Talent Connect (MiTalent.org).

There are also resources available for manufacturing employers to support their immediate and long-term workforce needs, including the Michigan Works! network and LEO’s Back to Work: Employer Resources website (Michigan.gov/BackToWork).

The Employer Resources website includes a link to recording of a previous LEO and MMA webinar focused on workforce solutions for Michigan’s manufacturing industry.

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