UPCI Small Business Cybersecurity Essentials Course – Info Sessions

A mouse hovers over text on a computer that says, "Security."

Learn to protect your small business against cyber threats – before they happen.

This course is designed to offer participants of any skill level training in Small Business Internet Security.

This course emphasizes the importance of best practices and easy-to-implement actions for the safety of your small business.

Course Content Includes:
· Basic computer concepts and terminology,
· current cyber crime threats and activities,
· simple steps to increase cyber awareness and health,
· and how to implement protective security measures.

The course costs $1,200* which includes flexible scheduling options for 7 one-hour courses, with a combination of in-person and remote learning options available depending on current policies and business requirements.

*Reimbursement options may be available.

Interested in learning more? Join an online info session.

March 10th, 11-12 EST, Event Link; March 10th,  2-3 EST, Event Link; March 11th, 10-11 EST, Event Link