Darren talks about Mind Trekkers during an interview.

Having Fun with Science on the TV 6 Morning News

Michigan Tech University Mind Trekkers guides give a hands-on demonstration during a morning interview.

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich (WLUC) – A program through U.P. Michigan Works! and Michigan Tech University aims to increase excitement around STEM research, opportunities, and career fields. The Mind Trekkers program brings science alive to students across the country.

Currently, program organizers are taking a tour of the U.P. They’ve held two events reaching over 1,200 students. Those with the program stopped by the TV 6 Morning News to talk about what’s involved, why they’re doing it, and even gave a demonstration.

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Check out the interview and demonstration at the link below.

Morning Interview Video: Having Fun with Science on the TV 6 Morning News