Getting Students Ready to Win at Mind Trekkers

Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers
Students learn to enjoy STEM through hands-on activities

On March 22, students from the central Upper Peninsula converged at Gwinn Community Schools to take part in the OneUP Mind Trekkers Tour: Superior Shores Festival. The Mind Trekkers team, a highly-educated group of Michigan Tech students, has been traveling the Upper Peninsula getting students excited about STEM and STEM-based careers through hands-on demonstrations. This event, the third stop of this tour, drew in over 500 students!

UPMatters and TV 6 were on-site covering the event. Check out the coverage from both outlets at the links below:

TV 6 Mind Trekkers Article

UPMatters Mind Trekkers Article

The next stop on the Mind Trekkers tour is in Sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior State University’s campus. It’ll be taking place on April 21, 2023. You can learn more about Mind Trekkers, and upcoming events, by checking out the Mind Trekkers Schedule of Events.

Are you a business or organization interested in sponsoring this event or running a demonstration? Email to get involved and support the tour!