Upper Peninsula Lead Abatement Training

Michigan is investing in lead abatement services for residential homes across the state!

The “Lead Safe Work Program”, overseen by the Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance section at the Division of Environmental Health,  seeks to educate, train, and certify individuals who want to become a lead-certified worker or supervisor. The program also helps establish and develop lead firms through guidance and referrals that can be provided.

Anyone interested in the program can receive a scholarship that covers the cost of training, exam, and first year renewal fees. Additionally, participants who successfully complete the program will receive guidance towards opportunities for job placement and/or lead firm business development.

The program will be hosted at various sites throughout the State of Michigan. Work is underway to organize a local training in the UP. 

To express your interest in the local program being developed, or to learn more about lead abatement opportunities, please contact Ty Liggons using the information below.

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Ty Liggons

Statewide Workforce Development Coordinator

Lead Certification and Assurance

Division of Environmental Health

Phone: (517) 275-2994

Email: LiggonsT1@michigan.gov