Upper Peninsula Lead Abatement Training

Michigan is investing in lead abatement services for residential homes across the state!

The “Lead Safe Work Program”, overseen by the Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance section at the Division of Environmental Health,  seeks to educate, train, and certify individuals who want to become a lead-certified worker or supervisor.

H-2B Workers

A pen lays on a white piece of paper.

Information about the H-2B process can be found below (on this page).

Getting Students Ready to Win at Mind Trekkers

Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers

The Mind Trekkers team, a highly-educated group of Michigan Tech students, has been traveling the Upper Peninsula getting students excited about STEM and STEM-based careers through hands-on demonstrations.

The Soo Locks Project

Join the team completing the Soo Locks Project.

Kokosing Alberici Traylor, LLC is hiring skilled union construction workers and administrative staff for the Soo Locks Project in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Translating Corporate Jargon

Digital graphic that says, "translating corporate jargon."

Learn about all-too-common, and sometimes overused, corporate jargon. We’ll be imparting some soft-skill knowledge along the way!