Back-to-Back Jobs for America’s Graduates National Outstanding Specialists for Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

Four people sit around a silver laptop and celebrate.

Last summer, Meagan Staton from UPMW brought home the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Outstanding Specialist award for Michigan (one of three, and the only awardee for a multi-year program).

It was just announced that Cortney Martin, also from UPMW, will be the JAG National Outstanding Specialist for Michigan, chosen for her Out-of-School program contributions. That makes back-to-back awards for UPMW employees!

Darren Widder, the UPMW Workforce Services Manager in Delta County, stated, ” I submitted nominations in both cases, but do not know who is chosen until it is announced. This is a really big win for us. There are 92 programs in the state and we are proud to represent UPMW’s Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates programs!”

Darren went on to say, “Cortney grew her out-of-school JMG program substantially since March 2019 – now serving two counties – and accounts for the greatest growth in new participants served in the UPMW region.  She is always looking for ways to help the individual to the fullest and braid funding. She has balanced so much this year, and has had a great attitude the entire time! We are so proud to have nominated Cortney as the JAG National Outstanding Specialist.”