Attorney General Dana Nessel Visits Marquette to Talk Clean Slate

Dana Nessel sits at a table in the Marquette office.

AG Nessel visits the Marquette UP Michigan Works! American Job Center to learn about the positive impact the Clean Slate expungement program has had on Upper Peninsula residents.

MARQUETTE, Mich—Attorney General Dana Nessel commended Clean Slate UP, a conviction expungement program, during her visit to the Marquette Michigan Works! American Job Center on August 19.

Dana Nessel sits at a table and to her left are two Michigan Works! employees.

While visiting the Michigan Works! office, AG Nessel discussed the struggles the Upper Peninsula faces and how the Clean Slate program can supplant them. She also listened to stories told by successful program participants. The Clean Slate program helped these participants overcome legal barriers and prepare themselves for new opportunities.

Clean Slate UP is an Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! program designed to help Upper Peninsula residents get their criminal records expunged which, in turn, leads to access to better jobs, housing, and educational opportunities. Clean Slate UP will put a team of navigators in your corner to help you navigate the expungement process.

“It was encouraging for Attorney General Nessel and myself to hear the stories from Clean Slate program participants,” said Darren Widder, Policy and Programs Manager. “What a successful expungement has meant to them, and what they’re doing with a fresh start, reminds us how impactful our work is.”

Potential candidates can learn if their convictions are eligible for expungement by completing the registration form at and sending a valid form of government-issued identification to

UP Michigan Works! values the work Attorney General Dana Nessel is doing in Lansing and appreciates her support of the Clean Slate UP program. This program, a vessel for second chances, improves the lives of job seekers, adds candidates to local talent pools, and breaks down barriers. For more information about Clean Slate UP and its positive impact, call or text UP Michigan Works! at 800-285-9675 and 906-629-1976, respectively.