Two linemen work at the top of an electrical pole with a blue sky in the background.

Road to Success: Electrical Lineman

Please note that the pathway described below is typical of the field, but it is not the only way to find success.

An Electrical Lineman has a rewarding, but dangerous, job. They routinely work and provide maintenance on high-powered electrical lines and systems in all kinds of fair and inclement weather. To be entrusted to keep the lights on for thousands of Upper Peninsula residents, one must complete comprehensive training and education.

First Step: High School Trades Classes

If possible, take electives in high school that are directly applicable to a career in the trades, such as Auto Mechanics or Construction.

Second Step: Work Experience

Find summer and post-graduation jobs that will apply to a future career. Taking a job in a relative’s office sorting mail may seem enticing, but if becoming a Lineman is the end goal, jobs working outdoors and performing manual labor will be more applicable.

Third Step (Option A): Union Hall

After graduation, visit Electrical Lineman union halls throughout the State and apply for an Apprenticeship. If chosen for an apprenticeship, hands-on training and education will be provided while working full-time.

Third Step (Option B): Trade School

Following high school, apply to and complete an Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program in a certified Electrical Lineman program at an educational institution.

Fourth Step: Apply to a Company

If offered a permanent position directly through a union hall, that’s great! You’re well on your way to a rewarding career as an Electrical Lineman.

For those just graduating from a trade school, now is the time to apply to utility companies around the State.

Fifth Step: Seek Assistance

If the job hunt isn’t successful, visit a Michigan Works! American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula. Knowledgable experts will help refine a resume and build positive interview habits.

Sixth Step: Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Congratulations! An exciting, sustainable career is yours to enjoy!

If you’re interested in more information about Michigan Works! programs and services, please reach out to a Michigan Works! American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula.