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Michigan Works! on Mackinac Island in 2019

From October 22nd to November 26th, Michigan Works! employees provided intensive services to Mackinac Island residents at the Community Center on Mackinac Island. Residents who would typically have to travel to either St. Ignace or Cheboygan to fulfill Unemployment requirements had the option to visit this temporary pop-up center, saving them precious time and money. A survey was distributed to those who visited the center to ascertain the viability and effectiveness of this new service venue.

The following are statistics and comments from the surveys completed by customers who visited the Michigan Works! pop-up center on Mackinac Island in 2019 as of December 3rd, 2019.

  • Total Number of People Who Visited the Center: 50
  • Number of Survey Respondents: 36
  • Percent of Respondents Who Usually Visited St. Ignace: 100%
  • Percent of Customers Who Said the Services Fit Their Need: 100%

Given the price of transportation to and from the Island, and the harsh fall and winter weather, the service provided was accepted with open arms. Below, we’ve featured some of the comments we received from the respondents of the aforementioned survey.

  • “Wonderful service. This is a great service to our community to have this available for us.”
  • “It was very convenient having this available to residents of the island. It saves a lot of time. Thank you!”
  • “I really appreciate having services here on the island. It was so helpful to me.”
  • “It saves me time and money having them come to the island. Thank you.”
  • “The service was excellent and I am so glad that you have provided this on the island.”
  • “Excellent idea to have Michigan Works here available on Mackinac!”

For more information about programs and services that Michigan Works! provides, please visit one of our American Job Centers in the Upper Peninsula.