Yellow piece of heavy equipment with the word Case written on the back. The piece of machinery is sitting in a field with a pile of dirt next to it.

Job Seeker Hired in High-Demand Occupation

Employment Services

Tony came into an Upper Peninsula American Job Center to look for work per the mandate of his Unemployment claim. He was assisted in completing several applications because he needed assistance on a computer. One position that he found was on LinkedIn. He contacted the employer, and within ten minutes, the employer had contacted him and prompted him to complete an application.

He filled out the application, and after unsuccessfully faxing it, UPward staff members assisted him in e-mailing the application. Once the application was sent, he was given the application on the thumb drive and departed the American Job Center. Before leaving, he informed UPward staff that he would let them know if he received a job offer.

Soon after, Tony returned to the American Job Center to update UPward staff on what he had accomplished. He said that the position he found on LinkedIn and applied for was offered to him and he was set to begin his new job the next day. He was hired by a contracting company in the Eastern Upper Peninsula as a Heavy Equipment Operator starting full-time at a fair wage with benefits.

Tony is yet another example of an UPward Talent Council Success Story. Join us at one of our fourteen American Job Centers throughout the Upper Peninsula to see how we can assist you.