Stephen is standing in front of a Midwest Truck Driving School sign holding a certificate and shaking another man's hand.

Stephen’s Success Story

When Stephen moved to the area from Texas, he had experienced several months of unemployment and was having difficulty finding full-time work. He came to the area with experience as a mechanic, but with his specific skill set and a significant gap in employment, it was difficult for him to find an employer willing to give him an opportunity. Soon after Stephen became enrolled in the WIOA Adult program, a local contractor, reached out to Michigan Works! with a need for a shop mechanic.

Stephen was able to interview with them and, while both parties felt it went well, the company shared that they strongly preferred a candidate with a CDL A credential…something that Stephen did not have. The Talent and Employer services staff at Michigan Works! were able to develop a plan that would satisfy the employer’s need and also provide full-time employment for Stephen. We were able to provide a 6-week long transitional job opportunity where Stephen was given the chance to showcase his knowledge of mechanics, skills, and work ethic. After the completion of his contract, the employer was so impressed with his abilities that they wanted to keep him as a full-time employee and directly hire him. However, it was still strongly preferred that he have his CDL A in order to guarantee year-round employment. We were able to use available WIOA funding to support him in obtaining this credential.

During the time, Stephen typically would have been laid off for the winter months, so Michigan Works! was able to send Stephen to Midwest Truck Driving School where he attended four weeks of classroom and hands-on training. He successfully completed the program, passed his driver’s skills test, and obtained his CDL A.

Because of the assistance Stephen was able to receive through Michigan Works!, he is now employed full-time and earning a fair wage with the aforementioned employer. Now that he has acquired his CDL A credential, he will not experience seasonal layoffs.