Nicole Young Potvin is posing for the camera in the classroom holding three of her books.

Nicole Young Potvin Visits JMG Students at Jack Reque Alternative High School

On Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, Michigan Works! staff member Amy coordinated a visit from Nicole Young Potvin to the Jack Reque Alternative High School to provide information and education to Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) students.

Nicole is the author of the book series, “A Patricia Amble Mystery.”  During her visit, she taught the students how to publish a book and what the realities of the wages are as an author.  She also taught them about different types of genres, writing styles, and jobs they can obtain as a writer, aside from being an Author.  Jobs for those who are interested in composition and writing are Social Media Writer, Blogger, Newspaper Editor, Speechwriter, and Technical Writer.

Nicole Presenting to JMG Students

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates is a program whose goal is to reduce dropout rates with at-risk students. Tours, presentations, and education are used to meet that goal.

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