Students sit with their backs to the camera in a classroom setting while a woman from the SBDC stands in front of the class talking to them about starting a business.

Lessons on How to Start a Small Business with JMG

In late November, Nicole Young Potvin from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) met with Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) students at Jack Reque Alternative High School. During Nicole’s presentation, she taught students how to take their future into their own hands by starting a small business. Skills like this help young individuals propel their career forward in a manner of their choosing.

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates is a program whose goal is to reduce dropout rates with at-risk students. Tours, presentations, and education are used to meet that goal.

The Small Business Development Center is staffed by experienced, thoughtful individuals who work with entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground by providing no-cost services such as business plan development and market research. For more information about the SBDC, please follow this link.