Samuel sits at a computer in an American Job Center and looks to the right to pose for a photograph.

It’s Great to be Back to Work! – A Success Story

Samuel visited the Marquette County American Job Center in October of 2019 hoping to secure employment. Samuel, a senior citizen with an extensive background in customer service, was frustrated with his lack of success finding employment until his experience in our American Job Center. 

Michigan Works! staff identified several potential jobs on Pure Michigan Talent Connect (PMTC) and for Samuel. He returned to the office shortly after his first visit to get help from staff members in completing the online application for Target Stores. We helped him build a resume and attach it to his Target application. After, we discussed interview strategies and informed him of questions that he may be asked.  

An ecstatic Samuel returned to the office for a third time to inform us that Target had hired him. Upon hearing the news, we helped Samuel complete Target’s online new-hire questionnaire. 

Samuel stated, “It is so good to be back to work. I got more help than I could have imagined from the Marquette Michigan Works! staff. They explained things I should say and do in my interview, and how to respond to the employer. Great coaching by caring people!” 

For more information about Michigan Works! programs and services, please visit an American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula.