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Healthy Michigan Plan Updates and Michigan Works! Assistance

Updates to the Healthy Michigan Plan, effective January 1st, outline new requirements for some participants to ensure the continuation of Medicaid health coverage.


Individuals between the ages of 19 and 62 who receive Medicaid health coverage through the Healthy Michigan Plan will now be required to participate in work-related activities for a total of 80 hours per month, such as:

Having a Job, Job Search, Vocational Training, Being a Student, Internships, Volunteer Work, Participation in a Tribal Employment Program, and/or Participation in a Rehabilitation Program.

Please note that the required 80 hours can be accumulated through a combination of any of the above activities.


Those required to participate will be notified in their MI Bridges accounts or will receive a letter from the State of Michigan in the mail.

The requirements are applicable only to those who have not been excused by the State. To view a list of exemptions, please visit healthymichiganplan.org.

Moving Forward

To assist those affected by the updated requirements, Michigan Works! can provide the following services:

Job Search and Application Assistance, Referrals to Outside Service Providers, Technology Assistance, Workforce Development and Training Programs, Connections to Community Resources, Job Preparation, and more.

For more information about Michigan Works! services, please visit your local American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula.