A man in a blue shirt and shorts stands in front of a red semi truck.

From Underemployment to a Career as a Truck Driver – A Success Story

This story is a part of Upper Peninsula Michigan Works’ Success Story series

Lee came to Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! interested in Career Services. Being from the Eastern Upper Peninsula, he has seen his share of seasonal jobs and has spent the last several years traveling around the country finding work in multiple locations instead of drawing unemployment in the winter months. He did not have an immediate family and loved the travel. Because of this, he became interested in truck driving. With the help of Michigan Works! staff, he was enrolled in the WIOA program and completed his CDL-A truck driver training at Road Warrior Truck Driving School.

After completing his training, he accepted employment with a local trolley bus company. The pay was fair, and he was able to live with relatives locally. When the trolley season ended, Lee began searching for over-the-road truck driving jobs, and eventually found work with Roehl Transportation, a national company. He works out of Roehl’s office in Marshfield, WI as a tarped CDL Driver. He has been given his own truck and travels all over the country, earning a wage based on the miles he drives. In his present job at Roehl’s, he likes the constant changes in scenery and the freedom it allows him. He recently told Michigan Works! that he has just bought his first new pickup truck, and that life is good.

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