Digital graphic featuring the text, "Firmness of Purpose, A Success Story, WIOA-Adult," and the portrait of Jesse from the shoulders up.

Firmness of Purpose – A Success Story

WIOA – Adult Program

Jesse and his mother came into the Marquette American Job Center in early 2018 to inquire about the availability of funding for training and education. He needed the aforementioned funding in order to finish the Cosmetology Program at Main Street School of Cosmetology. Jesse was working and going to school but was not able to make the required payments to continue attending classes.

It was determined that Jesse was eligible for the WIOA-Adult program and he was enrolled in the program in January of 2019. A Training staff member from the UPward Talent Council worked diligently with the school and the State to have Jesse’s program added to the Pure Michigan Training Connect, a necessary step to fund training for our clients.

Then, Jesse waited patiently while his training contract was being approved. In June, we were overjoyed to hand Jesse the check he needed to complete training. Upon the completion of his training, Jesse would be eligible to become a licensed cosmetologist and be on the route to self-sufficiency and his dream job.