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Pictured: Jennifer Rodgers, Talent Specialist  




ESCANABA (November 8 2018)—  UPward Talent Council Michigan Works! participated in the Financial Reality Fair session at Escanaba High School in October. This event taught students valuable information on how to successfully live independently after graduating from college or tradeschool. Students first picked a career and received a monthly income. They were challenged to stay on budget for a month after picking a housing situation, food, internet, car, insurance, and lifestyle choices such as gym memberships and haircuts. If over budget, students were able to get a part-time job. To get a part-time job, students had to go to the Michigan Works! table and answer interview questions before receiving that extra income. Students also had a checking account and credit card to use in their financial planning. At the end of the session, students had to meet with a financial counselor to talk about their decisions and how they did. Other local businesses that participated were the Delta County Credit Union, Garceau Insurance Agency, Shoe Sensation, AAA, Tyler Kobasic (Realtor), Christopher Germain (Realtor), and Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates. Thank you for letting us participate in this event!