Success Story: WIOA unemployed to employed

SAULT STE. MARIE, MI (2017) Susie came to Michigan Works! with the hopes of assistance in filling out an online job application for Meijer, after being assisted in the process of the job application she was also enrolled into the WIOA-DW program. She was previously let go from her RV Horizon’s and JMC Communities where she was the property manager for 10 months. Susie got an interview with Meijer but unfortunately was not offered the job, but she did not give up hope and soon after she had another interview at Chippewa County Health Department. After her interview Susie was offered a position as an Administrative Assistant working Monday through Friday. Michigan Works! also helped Susie purchase new clothing for her new position from Walmart. Susie has been loving her new position since April of 2017.