Success Story: Diante’s Peak

MARINETTE, WI (2018) Diante and his family are originally from Sterling, Illinois. For the past five years Diante worked as a material handler, not making a enough money to care for his family of eight. Through hard work Diante was offered a substantially better wage in a new position at Anchor Coupling, in this new position he learned valuable work skills and had the possibility of moving up in the company. Unfortunately, the company in Diante’s area went out of business, but he had the opportunity to stay on with the company if he moved his family to Menominee, Michigan. This would mean moving his family of eight 316 miles, almost five hours away from their home, but Diante enjoyed this job so decided to make a fresh start in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As luck would have it, after making the move, Diante lost his job at Anchor Coupling.

Once Diante lost his job he came to Michigan Works! for guidance in finding a new job and filing for unemployment. Staff also assisted him with the development of a professional resume, and along with the initial job search. Diante landed a position as a team lead at Johnson Controls in Marinette, Wisconsin, this position was a higher wage than either of his last jobs. Michigan Works! was able to help Diante with purchasing professional clothing for this new position in leadership.

Diante stated, “Michigan Works helped me with creating a professional resume, job searching, and with Michigan Unemployment. Their help allowed me to find employment quickly and be able to support my family. Thank you.”