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Success Story: Career Changing Gears

MARQUETTE (2018) — Marie attended RESEA program sessions at Michigan Works! service center in Marquette, Michigan. Marie was a recent dislocated worker and was unsure of what to do for work and what assistance would be available to her. In past years Marie worked as an office worker and once she became an unexpected dislocated worker she thought this was the perfect chance for a change.

During RESEA Marie was provided LMI information, WIOA and other services that could help someone advance their career or explore other career options. Marie was not aware that Michigan Works! had these resources available, and she was given information about that WIOA program. With all of these resources at the tips of her fingers, Marie inquired about a CDL program, and is now enrolled as a dislocated worker and is being assisted with removing financial barriers as she changes her career and gains a CDL