An infographic that says, "Get ready to win. Road to success: CDL Driver. Step 1: Start early, Step 2: Study up, Step 3: Pick a route, Step 4: Pay attention, work hard, Step 5: Make it legal, Step 6: Get on the road."

Road to Success: CDL Driver

Please note that the pathway described below is typical of the field, but it is not the only way to find success.

No matter what’s going on in the world, goods need to be moved from point A to point B. Our economy and lives depend on that fact.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the system that ensures our store’s shelves are stocked, fuel is in our tanks, and supplies are delivered to our hospitals, you’ll find a career as a CDL Driver rewarding. The following pathway offers a roadmap to those who are interested in taking their lives to the road.

Step 1: Start Early

Drive. We can’t stress this enough. Practice makes perfect, and the more you’re on the road in your own vehicle, the more comfortable you will be when you take on a big rig.

Step 2: Study Up

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, you should do some studying. Checking the requirements to pursue this profession is important. You will want a basic knowledge of the field and regulations before you get started.

Step 3: Pick a Route

You have options when it comes to your training. Colleges, such as Gogebic Community College, offer a certificate program for CDL Drivers. More driving-specific schools, such as Road Warrior Truck Driving School and Midwest Truck Driving School offer condensed, but comprehensive, instruction for prospective drivers.

Step 4: Work Hard and Pay Attention

No matter which route you take, apply yourself and learn everything you can from your instructors. A career as a CDL Driver is an adventure, but it’s also a large responsibility.

Step 5: Make it Legal

Once you’ve completed your training, take the appropriate, State-mandated tests. Remember Steps 1 and 2? We encourage you to revisit them before you test.

Step 6: Get on the Road

Once you’ve passed your tests, just pay the required fees, receive your official State of Michigan CDL, and get your career on the road!

If you’re interested in more information about Michigan Works! programs and services, please reach out to a Michigan Works! American Job Center in the Upper Peninsula.