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Continue Workforce Training in the Upper Peninsula

Michigan Works! is reaching out to inform businesses and organizations that, as it presently stands, the Going PRO Talent Fund, the same training dollars that upskilled 590 employees and provided training to 340 new hires through 174 awarded trainings in 2019, is not included in the State’s 2020 budget.

Based on a State estimate, 22,000 Michigan workers will go without critical training and potential wage increases if the money previously allocated to the Talent Fund is not restored.

Removing the funding from this program would be detrimental to the Upper Peninsula employees looking to grow professionally, and the organizations that employ them, such as CCI Systems, a company that trained 21 new employees and upskilled 51 managers using the $109,500 allocated to them through the Going PRO Talent Fund.

That is why we urge you to send a Letter of Support for the Going PRO Talent Fund to the Governor and to members of the Michigan legislature. These Letters of Support will inform the Governor’s and legislature’s decision-making process regarding the State budget. At this link, you will find a fillable Letter of Support template you may utilize by copying it to your organization’s letterhead. Once it is copied to your letterhead and filled in with your information, you can send it to We will compile Letters of Support and send them to Michigan’s Governor and legislators on your behalf.

If you have questions or comments about supporting the reinstatement of funding for the Going PRO Talent Fund, please feel free to reach out to your local Michigan Works! American Job Center’s Employer Specialist.