Other Initiatives

Early Childhood Education Task Force

The Early Childhood Education Task Force of the U.P. (Task Force) formed in May 2021 at the request of the UPMW Workforce Development Board when the board recognized the extreme challenges that U.P. employers are facing due to lack of childcare for working parents. The Task Force represents an invested coalition of stakeholders who are collaborating to solve the childcare crisis.

One of the Task Force’s primary efforts is to collect and analyze data to identify the needs of three stakeholder groups: employers, parents, and childcare providers. The extensive partnerships between community organizations, businesses, and parents on the Task Force illustrate the vital role that UPMW plays—acting as a convener for the a collaborative body that is leveraging resources to increase affordable childcare options.

The Michigan Learning and Educational Advancement Program (MiLEAP)

The Michigan Learning and Educational Advancement Program enables participants to gain high-level skills based on industry needs and make a faster and more efficient transition from education and training to employment. UPMW worked with colleges and universities as well as other partners to help jobseekers obtain family-sustaining employment.

The Michigan Rural Enhanced Access to Careers in Healthcare (MiREACH)

MiREACH was launched in 2021 to address critical healthcare workforce shortages in Michigan’s rural communities. We helped 155 people receive valuable job training for healthcare occupations.

Grant Summary

UPMW has constructed a team to compete for select grants. Earning grants brings dollars into the Upper Peninsula that would otherwise be allocated elsewhere in the state. Through effective grant administration and implementation, UPMW and its grant partners have been successful in meeting grant objectives.

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State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE)


We served 139 apprentices and  17 employers through 2023.

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Michigan Industry Cluster Approach (MICA 3.0)


Employer-led collaboratives enabled us to help 102 participants become employed trhough 2023.

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Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program


We helped 521 participants  gain valuable job skills, and most graduated with a credential. 

Additional Grant Funding for UPMW

Young Professionals: $250,000

Sector Strategies Employer-Led Collaboratives:  $500,000

Early Childhood Investment Corp Planning & Scale Up: $380,000 ($150,000+$230,000)

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates: $170,000

Additional MiLEAP: $295,803.96

Jobs for Future Frontliners: $20,000

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In 2023, we continued to build momentum and have continued to make a difference to job seekers and employers in the U.P. We know that there is more work to do, and so it is our promise to you that we will continue to take steps in creating prosperity for everyone in our region.