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Linking a Bank Account to Your Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans who have been displaced from their jobs are eligible to receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA. This blog will teach you how to link your bank account to your PUA on your MiWAM account.

Please follow these steps to link your bank account:

  1. Navigate to MiWAM and log in to your account
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Click on “Payment Sources”
  4. Click “Set Up New Payment Source”
  5. Fill in the check with your banking information
  6. Click “Submit” or “Save”
  7. Link your account to your PUA

If at any time you need assistance with Unemployment Insurance, please call the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency at 1-866-500-0017.

For information about helpful resources in Michigan, please visit our Resources & Contact page.