Michigan Conservation Officer Recruitment

A job advertisement for the Michigan Department of Natural Resource. It is a combination of two pictures and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources logo. It features a lake and trees in the top picture, and a forest with a mossy floor in the other.

Do you enjoy working in the outdoors? Are you interested in helping people and protecting natural resources?

Michigan’s Conservation Officers (CO) are among the most highly-trained law enforcement officers in the country.

They are fully-commissioned peace officers who protect the State’s natural and cultural resources, help the public to safely and responsibly enjoy the outdoors, and often serve as first responders in the communities where they live and work.

If you’re interested in joining their ranks, apply now for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ next CO academy, starting in July 2020.

To apply, please go to www.governmentjobs.com/careers/michigan.

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Tours NMU

NMU Electrical Lineman student helps a JMG student put on a climbing harness on the ground.

NMU Electrical Lineman Open House

UPward staff member Meagan brought Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates students to the Northern Michigan University Electrical Lineman Open House on October 17th as part of #CareersInEnergyWeek.

JMG students toured the classrooms used to educate future Linemen, met instructors, observed various exercises and activities, climbed electrical poles, and went sky-high in the bucket truck.   

Two of the UPward Talent Council’s current JMG students and one past student are in NMU’s Electrical Lineman program this year and were helping to facilitate the event for other JMG students.

Freshman Manufacturing Day at Lake Superior State University

A student sits in front of a welding simulator with a welder in hand and a man in a red polo is standing next to him instructing him on how to weld.

On October 18, 2019, Freshman Manufacturing Day took place at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Students attending this event from around the Eastern Upper Peninsula learned about skilled trades, manufacturing, communication, and teamwork.

Activities included a welding simulator, a competition to see who would build the biggest tower out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows, the telephone game, a dancing robot, and multiple safety and informational presentations.

Regional employers, including manufacturers, energy co-ops, and more were in attendance, giving students a unique view of the many opportunities available to them after they graduate.

This informative event was facilitated by the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District in cooperation with community partners in workforce and economic development.

Career Readiness at Sault Area High School

Leslie and Jason standing in front of a classroom with three students watching them present.

On October 17, Leslie and Jason from Michigan Works! attended multiple sessions of the Career Readiness class at Sault Area High School in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

Leslie and Jason talked about their jobs and Michigan Works! programs and services, the Pathfinder program, resume best practices, and interview skills.

Educating the future of our workforce is an important role Michigan Works! fills. To have a Michigan Works! employee speak at your institution, please contact your nearest Michigan Works! office.

JMG Students Get a Visitor

Sgt. Giannunzio stands in front of two kids who have their hands resting behind their heads as he speaks to a classroom of students.

This week, Michigan Works! staff member Amy helped to facilitate a special guest speaker for Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates students at Jack Reque High School in Manistique, MI.

Michigan State Police Officer Sgt. Giannunzio visited the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates students, discussed his job with them, and answered questions.

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates is a program that helps at-risk students by providing dropout prevention activities and education.

LSSU Fall Career Fair

Beckie and Holly standing behind a table at the LSSU Career Fair with marketing merchandise on their table.

On Friday, October 11, 2019, Beckie and Holly from the Chippewa American Job Center in Sault Ste. Marie, MI attended the Lake Superior State University Fall Career Fair in the Cisler Center on LSSU’s campus.

At this event, Beckie and Holly were able to discuss programs and services with LSSU students. One such program would provide financial assistance with tuition, books, class fees, and more.

Additionally, Beckie and Holly were able to discuss upcoming internships and temporary employment opportunities with visitors to their table.

For more information about Michigan Works! programs, services, and opportunities, please contact your nearest Michigan Works! American Job Center.

Application Assistance Event – TSA

Plane flying over land, with clouds and blue sky behind the wing of the plane.

On October 9, 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) held an event at the Chippewa County American Job Center in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The purpose of this event was to promote positions at TSA, and to assist interested individuals through the application process on USA Jobs, the United States government’s online application website.

In total, 14 individuals attended this event. All of the attendees received application assistance from the TSA representatives.

Through the hard work and marketing efforts of TSA and Michigan Works!, this event became a success.

If you are an employer and you would like to host a similar event, please contact your local Michigan Works! office.

Longevity – A Success Story

Joe standing in front of a red semi truck and holding a certificate of completion.

WIOA—Dislocated Worker

Joseph came to a Michigan Works! office needing assistance during his seasonal layoff. He had been working as a Laborer for an Upper Peninsula employer making a less than $12.00 per hour.

Every winter, Joseph was laid off. As such, he could not adequately provide for his wife and two children.

Joseph voiced to a Michigan Works! employee that he was interested in obtaining his CDL-A. His current employer had told him that if he acquired the aforementioned certification, they would offer him year-round employment and increase his pay by five dollars per hour.

The Michigan Works! staff member worked with Joseph to get him enrolled in a CDL Training Program.

After Joseph completed his training, he was called back to work by his employer, ending his time on unemployment. Due to the help of Michigan Works! staff members, and his newly-acquired certification, Joseph is now almost doubling his income and working year-round.

Career Speed Dating at Marquette Senior High School

Students stand around a table in a basketball gymnasium listening to a presenter give them information about prospective careers.

On October 7th, over 200 sophomores from Marquette Senior High School participated in a Career Speed Dating Event.

In this Career Speed Dating Event, the students spent nine minutes each at nine tables representing occupations in health sciences, industrial and construction technologies, information technologies, and more. The individuals manning the tables were NMU instructors, trades representatives and industry leaders and workers.

This event, organized by teachers, counselors, and MARESA, was aimed towards informing students of their many options after graduating high school.

The UPward Talent Council was proud to assist in the planning and facilitation of this event. We also provided bags for the event, which were available for both the presenters and students to utilize.

Events like this provide a meaningful service to young people in the Upper Peninsula. As they are informed of all their options, they develop a stronger grasp on what they are able to achieve if they choose to follow one of these routes.