Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates: Initiation and Installation Ceremony 2016

During the fall, Jobs for Michigan Graduates (JMG) students across the state, and Jobs for America's Graduates students nationally, are inducted into the organization and JMG Career Association officers are installed.  Yesterday, Escanaba High School's Jobs for Michigan's Graduates hosted their Initiation and Installation ceremony.   Students gave campaign speeches to kick off the event, they elected officers, and hosted a luncheon to celebrate their commitment to their current and future success.

Jobs for Michigan's Graduates is a statewide organization dedicated to raising Michigan's high school graduation rate and ensuring successful transition into post-secondary education and employment. The program provides mentoring, job readiness, leadership development, and other academic support for students at risk of dropping out and to those students that have already left the educational system. The program also provides college and career-transition services with ongoing support to ensure success. This year, Jobs for Michigan's Graduates will serve 1600 students across 25 Michigan cities.

JMG is a curriculum that the UPWARD Talent Council Michigan Works! uses in the classroom to build competencies and essential skills in students. The curriculum provides academic support to help keep students on track for graduation and enhance their critical work skills.

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